English Experience Programs in 2019



No.1 Mythical Nature of Amami Tour

No.2 Kakeroma Experience


◇Yamato Village in Amami-oshima◇

No.3 Village Stroll in Kuninao with Keihan Lunch

No.4 Power Spot Tachigami

No.5 Traditional Dance Experience in Odana



No.6 Coral Reef Science Academy

No.7 Kikai Island Coral Reefs Mini-Geo-Tour

No.8 Science Cafe & Museum Visiting at KIKAI Institute for Coral Reef Sciences

No.9 Uplifted Coral Reefs Exploration! SUP Tour

No.10 Snorkeling Tour and Coral Observation



No.11 Walking on Kanami village and feel the island atmosphere

No.12 Traditional island experience



No.13 Okinoerabu  Custom-made Tour



No.14 Best tour in Yoron Island


↓For more details, please refer to the link below. (PDF)

No.1-3 Amami-oshima and Yamato Village in Amami-oshima

No.4-5 Yamato Village in Amami-oshima

No.6-10 Kikai-jima

No.11-14 Tokuno-shima, Okinoerabu-jima and Yoron-jima




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